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How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

It's easy to do SEO when you have an old site, which already has a lot of backlinks. It's easy to spend money on paid advertising when you are already rich and you are an established company. But what happens when you are a new website?
How can you get that traffic?

How many of you have a new website?
I want to know, because if you have a new website, I want to see if you apply this tactic. And don't just let me know if you have a new website. I will see if you apply this tactic so that we can see changes in your traffic after you implement them one by one, because I'm sure you will succeed. And if you use this tactic and you don't see the advantage, you can hit me personally and I will personally help you for free. That's the way I'm sure that this tactic will work. The first method I have for you is to partner with other creators. Have you ever thought about hosting blog content together? So all the things that I will aim for and I will create content with other people and we will do it on a similar topic. So for example, we can do joint webinars, shared podcasts. We can even do collection posts. We can even do interviews with other people. By partnering with other creators, you will find that they will promote content and you will promote content too.

I don't have traffic to my site, that's why I also give you the option to interview people and post, because people are always honored to be interviewed. People are always honored to be included in the roundup post. And you know, when you put X people in this post, what will they do when it's published? They will share it. When they share it on their favorite social sites, what happens, you get more traffic. And yes, you might find that all the experts might not share content, but if you send an email asking them to do it, most will. I'm talking about 30%, plus 40%. I find that when people interview me and they ask me to share content, almost always I share.

Look, reach out to other websites in your niche, offer them something of value to their audience, and they will spread the word. When they do, you will get additional traffic. Prizes are very effective. You are all close to a man named Tai Lopez. Here in my garage is this Lamborghini, right?

When you get those people during the prize, make sure you collect their email addresses, because by collecting their email addresses and then you release blog posts or new features or content, you can always send them emails to get them back to your site. Method number three, push notification. This is the simplest way to continue to get more and more traffic. Think of it like this. Look, someone is coming to your site, will they come back?

If you are not sure about this, check Google Analytics. There are cohort reports there, this shows how often people return. You're lucky if the next three months even 1% of your audience returns. By doing push notifications with one click, someone subscribes to your site, they don't need to enter emails or anything, they don't have to give you their personal information,and then any time you release more content,  any new features, promotions, you can message them all out and quickly get them back to your site. The fourth thing you want to do, paid ads. 
And you might not have a big budget, that's okay. Did you know that in many cases Google AdWords will give you $ 50 or $ 100 in free ad spend?

You will find many offers and coupons like that. You can use it to get started, it will give you a quick boost in traffic. Yes, those visitors might not convert to customers because you might not have enough time to run an optimal campaign, but this is a good start. Try it, you will get fast traffic.

If you get a sale, you can continue to do it more and more over time. The fifth strategy that I have for you is guest posting. Hit some of the most popular guest contributors on other blogs. For example, if my friend Jason always writes a blog on Forbes, I'll hit him, assuming he's not a friend, but let's say this random guy named Jason, I'll hit him like, "Jason, "I'm a big fan of your work, love what you do." And then I will give him feedback and build that relationship with him. By continuing to provide Jason feedback or feedback from other guest contributors, teaching them how they can improve and even giving them topic suggestions, you will build that relationship with them, and finally, after a few weeks to a month, ask them to introduce you to the site's editor and say, "Hey, I want to follow in your footsteps" and also write on the Forbes or Huffington Post "or whatever, you will get an intro from that editor already written, which means technically you will get an intro from a writer who writes to the editor and what you will find is that the editor is more likely to respond and accept you because someone who has written for them recommends you.

Then when you write to them, if you link to your site, make sure you don't follow the link. You don't want to use it as a link building tactic. But when you link to your site and you don't follow it, You don't manipulate the search engine, and at the same time, you will get referral traffic from it. And the last method I have for you, comment on other blogs in your industry. Now, when you comment on these blogs, I'm not just saying leave things like, "Good content!"

I am talking about leaving detailed comments that give readers feedback. Now, when you leave a comment, it's true, and people get it all suggestions and feedback from you, when you leave that comment, you will find it asking for your name and URL and comments. You already know what to do in the comment box. Your URL must be the URL of your website. Then, in the end, when people like your comments, they will click on that comment, people will go to your site, and you will get more visitors, that's what he did when he first started, that's how he developed the site in popularity.

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