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SEO Tips for Redesigning Your Website

5 SEO Tips for Redesigning Your Website

When it comes to redesigning a website most of us tends to focus on creating a site that is highly appealing and usable. Although it is essential to focus on these aspects to ensure smooth functioning of your business. But you should not ignore the most important part of the website designing process, i.e. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). As it is the most important process which will improve the visibility of your website to a wide group of audience in the world.

Here we will discuss the 5 most effective tips that will help you to avoid wrong SEO, generally when doing site redesign:

First, let’s understand why SEO is important for a website?

The main focus should revolve around SROs when redesigning your website, so you can avoid big problems later on. Basically, aspects of your site's design, structure, meta descriptions and everything in between are related to your search engine optimization. You should not ignore these attributes, it can damage your ranking in the Google search engine. Along with all your time and money that you invested in redesigning your site will go waste.

1. Auditing your website

During the process of redesigning your site, you should not assume it as a process of complete renewal instead think it to be a good tune-up. Therefore, you will need to analyse some important factors that can affect the performance of your redesigned site.

This includes the number of pages that receive the particular kind of traffic, average number of visitors visiting your site per month, total number of indexed pages, quality and quantity of inbound links and most importantly choosing the best performing keywords. Auditing this important metric will help you to analyse the performance of each page and you can decide which pages you want to keep, modify or reorganize.

2. Researching the suitable keywords

When searching about a product or service people usually use keywords. You can use Google AdWords to find out the commonly used keywords for your specific products or service. These keywords should be entered into the content on your website to describe your service or product.

However, if you keep on using certain keywords again and again, the Google will take it as keyword stuffing and your Google ranking will take a significant hit. Generally, a site with good content means that it will rank better on search engines As Google is always looking for websites with high quality and relevant content.

3. URL Structure

To help them search in the search engine use the URL on your website. If the content URL is irrelevant or longer, you need to restructure your site so that search engine bots can understand it better.

When designing your website you should make sure to use dashes (-) rather than using underscores (_) while giving spaces between the words. This way Google will be able to see the words in the URLs as separate words instead of a group of words linked together. It will help you to rank better than the sites which use similar terms in the search engine results pages. Words will appear as a group of words connected to Google when you use underscores.

4. Responsive Website Design

Website with responsive designs can be easily used on a smartphone or a tablet. This makes the browsing experience of your prospective users very enjoyable as they can get access to your site from any device. A user friendly website also gives a boost to your search engine ranking. It enables the bot to easily crawl through the pages of your site and index them to a suitable URL.

5. Google Webmaster Tools

After you have done all the changes in your site it is important to let the Google know about your redesigned site. You can use Google Webmaster Tools for this and it will also reduce any future problems with the search engine. To be sure to notify Google by using the "Change Address Tool" option, when you move your domain. It takes around six months and your new web design will be indexed until then.

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