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How To Make A Keyword List For SEO

It's time to play with online media masters on this site. I'm going to show you how to create a SEO keyword list for your SEO, so the first step I take when making a list is basically finding out if we target small cities? target big cities or we're doing national keywords, and the difference is if we Apple returns the apple shop in a small town called Lake Bluff, then people who search for keywords related to Apple repairs and MacBook Pro repairs won't be many of them so we will have a lower search volume and the lower the potato search volume wider so that small cities will have broad phrases like Apple repair or Alpha Lake Bluff improvements and the number of keywords will be low for large cities because there is a search volume larger phrases will be more specific so instead of only targeting Chicago. Apple repairs will also have more specific phrases such as laptop repair Chicago MacBook Pro and the number of keywords will grow because there is a higher search volume as far as their national keywords are also very specific there will be a much larger collection of phrases that people search for so we want to We want to be really specific if we do national keywords and the number of keywords will be high in our keyword list, so I will show you how to find this phrase.

I would start with a small town if we were an Apple repair shop in Lake Bluff, basically we would just go to and type Lake Bluff Apple and we can see that Apple Lake Bluff repairs appear here so it will be a good main keyword because this is a public service that we provide, but now let's do checks like Bluff macbook repair and nothing shows up there or what about iPad repairs so you might see this if Google auto refill shows some phrases there are some people looking for it but not much better we only target phrases that appear in full and Google autocomplete so all we need to do is play around with autocomplete for our various products and services and find out what people are looking for in Lake Bluff now let's move to Larger cities like Chicago. We are going to do a Apple Apple repair so we can see that people are looking for these common phrases we can even use Apple Chicago computer repair but what about more specific phrases like MacBook Pro repairs so that we see that a very valuable technique appears that not many people know but what definitely helps is if you search for keywords and your keywords do the fill-in-the-blank method.

You can really see that Google fills in the blanks with a MacBook Pro Chicago screen repair MacBook Pro Chicago air repair and this can help you get more keyword ideas to add to your list so it's just a matter of playing around with the fill-in method. -the-blank and complete the phrase method and play around with the various products and services you offer and find out what people are looking for so now let's do it on national keywords so like I said national keywords there will be a higher search volume and our phrases will be more specific so while we can target MacBook Pro laptop repairs I can basically assume that this is a very competitive keyword because there are many other websites out there that target this so we can add this to the keyword list but we also want to target more specific phrases like MacBoo k Pro will use the fill-in-the-blank method and then we can see if the MacBook Pro logic board fixes the broken water, the liquid hinge screen charger, the keyboard is broken, and we can get more ideas, such as from that method, so it's really a specific phrase. like repairing MacBook Pro hinges that you have a very good chance for ranking, but this has a lower search volume so you might want to write you might want to target something that will bring you more traffic to your site like repair MacBook Pro water damage so this might give you a list of many keywords and and you have to find out, you have to target all of these phrases for maximum traffic, but maybe it's a very long list of phrases, so the next step is to research which phrases provide the best opportunities for and a good way to start is to look at keyword competition so here's a graph that I made.

I use an example of how to get out of debt so a little judgment tells me that I really don't need to go to Google to know that that is going to be a competitive SEO keyword. There will be lots of big websites competing for it like credit com time comm and every time you see the big Authority sites and top results you might want to avoid competing with them for that keyword and here are some other indicators such as an expanded list here or the number of results that appear or if there is very strong content for that phrase or if you google how to get debt and then all the results exactly match your query so basically they all talk about how to get out of it then those are some indicators of keyword competition and you can Google each of your keywords and see search results to get ideas about this and let us conclude You are on the competitive landscape of your mobile.

Rases so the question becomes if if the god of death is too competitive what do you do well using Google autocomplete and you choose long-tailed phrases that are more specific how to God without bankruptcy so if you find keywords that are too competitive only go more specifically the last thing that I want to discuss is a tool called Hub Shot Web Grader where you can run any website through here and see their entire keyword list so you can use this for your competitors to see what phrases they rank for and then you can get the idea to add to your own keyword list also gives you some useful data such as domain authority and Moz rankings and links and things like that but after it's done you will see a sea of complete keyword link lists and after you click it will produce whole list of phrases so the website ranks for and here they are and if you are here you can also type in three other competitors who will compare your keyword list so this is a very good tool for getting ideas to build your phrase from Google autocomplete and that's right really as far as creating a keyword list just writing down each of your products and services like MacBook Pro.

Then create a mini keyword list for it so that your entire SEO keyword list basically runs to be regulated by your products and services so that like this you will have a repair gear Oh MacBook Pro and then you will have all the keywords that include phrases related to MacBook Pro like water damage or screen repairs and then you will have a MacBook Air must be iPad three iPad Mini etc. so that's right.

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