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Difference Between Wordpress and Squarespace

5 Reasons I Left Wordpress for Squarespace

we're talking about five reasons why I left WordPress and went to SquareSpace. I've been building websites for many years, and I don't know HTML, and I'm not a big web guy when it comes to kind of back-end development, but the Internet's very important. 

And what I do has been very important for years in the various initiatives I've been a part of. So I built my first website, maybe 15 years ago using Microsoft FrontPage I think it's called, and there's a lot of details that I need to understand when it came to hosting and domains. And then about ten years ago I moved to WordPress and it blew me away how simple it was to get a Wordpress theme, to get it set up and then manage it with this content management system and the back-end of WordPress. It really simplified things of getting online. But then about three years ago, I feel like the internet went to the next level when it came to a website development with SquareSpace, and I have loved moving to SquareSpace and there are a number of reasons for that. And so, I want to share in this blog, why it is I left WordPress and went to SquareSpace. So, the first reason that I've left WordPress and went to SquareSpace is simplicity. Now as I shared, I'm not a web developer, I don't know back-end stuff, I get overloaded in hosting and domain connections, and all of those aspects. 

SquareSpace kind of has this all-in-one platform where I was able to host it there, even registered the domain there, and then the CMS, just worked really well. It was a little easier to use than WordPress. So to have an all-in-one platform, the simplicity of it and the simplicity of being able to manage the pages and the structure of the back-end of SquareSpace, which was so good for me, and so be able to host my own website in an easier manner, without multiple domain hosting and website hosting, and CMS background of connecting the two. The simplicity of SquareSpace really helped me be on the internet easier through my website. The second thing that really helped me in switching to SquareSpace is that there were no more broken plugins. Now even within WordPress then I would need to get plugins for maybe a video manager or a store plugin and it felt like I had about a dozen different plugins that I had to setup and connect and then they would break, they would get outdated or something would happen. 

Actually had a hacker, you know, get into, break into my website through a plugin one time. It just became a mess managing all the plugins within WordPress. For me who wasn't really good at that back-end stuff, moving to SquareSpace were everything and the plugins were essentially SquareSpace plugins that worked within SquareSpace, they weren't external plugins. So nothing broke, it all worked easier for me and so the simplicity of having no more plugins and everything built into SquareSpace was ideal for me and my website. 

The third thing that helped me make the switch from WordPress to SquareSpace were no more updates. I didn't have to keep updating my WordPress, or my theme, or my plugins. There were no more updates. SquareSpace just automatically updates their back-end system when they need to, and so the system is kind of built in updating itself. I don't have to worry about that. I don't have to worry about one of these plugins out there potentially breaking. It's all built into SquareSpace and SquareSpace is doing that for me automatically. So getting away from the complexity of all the moving parts and plugins and updates that need to be made. 

By switching to SquareSpace, I no longer have to worry about those things. The fourth thing is scalability. Now, I don't have massive traffic, and I didn't have a huge problem with the hosting when I was on WordPress, but I did have some issues. There were different times that my servers would go down, but I didn't know it was always the servers and I didn't know if it was too much traffic or what was causing things to go down. With SquareSpace I've had no downtime. As far as I'm aware, over the last 3 years, I haven't had a minute that my website was down. And I know that I could drive a ton of traffic and thousands of eyeballs the next minute and SquareSpace would be able to handle that kind of traffic. So the scalability of the platform has been really beneficial for me, personally, and as well as for the clients that I work with. 

That scalability opportunity within SquareSpace is really valuable. Alright, so the last thing, the fifth reason that I switch from WordPress to SquareSpace is the support. So WordPress is basically an open source platform. You can get support for certain plugins or certain themes, but you can't necessarily get support for WordPress itself. SquareSpace is just one support system and so their engine and their support engine is just so good, and so as I had a question I get responses back very quickly, if not be able to find it easily through their back-end system of finding questions and troubleshooting various things with a platform. 

So getting support on SquareSpace has been so much easier than our WordPress in kind of figuring out what it is that's wrong with my side, if there ever is. Something that I want to try doing or integrate into my website, I'm able to find everything through their support system or talk to a person really easily. That support system for me has been really helpful in making the switching from WordPress to SquareSpace. Now for those of you that think that I hate WordPress, that's not the case. Most of my clients are actually still on WordPress, and WordPress provides more customization and provides more flexibility. It's just not for me. I need a simple easy-to-use website, and honestly, I think 95% of people that have a website, that's really all they need. That's why I believe SquareSpace is a great solution for most people. That doesn't mean WordPress is irrelevant. 

WordPress is a very powerful platform. And if you have the ability and you have the manpower to really customize and really maintain the various functions and the various plugins, it's a great platform and you can do a ton with it, and I still highly recommend it for those that need a complex solution. Now for me and for many of you, if you need simplicity, you want something that can really scale with you and have an all-in platform, I think SquareSpace is a great option. Now, I don't get any kind of push-back from SquareSpace, so if you go and sign up and you can maybe let them know that I referred you, but I'm not getting any affiliate from SquareSpace. I just really enjoy the platform, and I think you might too if you give it a try. 

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