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Best Free Keyword Research Tool For 2020

Tools are available today, and in the end you will get everything you need to be more effective with your content marketing and your search engine optimization strategies. You can achieve this simply by going to U-B-E-R-S-U-G-G-E-S-T, and this is a pretty simple tool. Now it was built by Neil Patel. I have a little story. Now, the simplest way to get started is to just enter the search bar and type in a keyword phrase based on something you're looking for. Once I have a few examples here and we'll start with the best kitchen knives. You will know the first thing in the upper right corner. You can register for free and get more keyword suggestions.

You will see where it comes into play. And I do not use it. This is the next video I'm talking about. I have five separate keyword suggestion tools that blow up this door. Um, maybe it's good to just log in and log in because you use this tool, but make sure to subscribe so you get the next video. The first thing you see at the top is search volume. Although. The reason you want to pay attention to search volume when you do content marketing is if you title your blog, post your videos correctly, they will be in tune with what people are looking for. If you give the wrong title, it means that no one can find out what you are doing because you only choose phrases that people don't really look for. So that's the first metric that we notice here is the actual search volume and then there's the difficulty of E O. Now the difficulty of SEO is organic numbers. The difficulty of paying is clearly a paper click.

This is clearly the cost per click and SEO difficulty is another factor for you want to remember. So, you always play a little mental balance game. You want high search volume, but you also want low keyword difficulties or low SEO difficulties as he says here. And then he gives you a little headline that the average page rank has 51 backlinks and a domain score of 79 now he doesn't really say how he calculates the difficulty and domain score, which is one of my challenges and why I get paid a premium.

The tool that I personally still use. They gave me more insight so I could get a little more surgery with my data to find out what I had to do to overtake the competition. But this is great if you have a budget, if you don't have 50 dollars a month to invest in the right tools, this is a great place to go. Now we search at the bottom and you will see he has additional suggested keywords here, but all of them are remarkably similar and that's one of the weaknesses of this tool how similar they are. Now you pay attention. Here on keyword ideas, this tab on the right will actually give you more keyword suggestions. So I just switched from a suggestion to a related one and it's still very similar. We get the best kitchen knife sharpener now, but then we can enter into it the questions and questions related to the best kitchen knives. So who made it the best kitchen knife? But if you pay attention to keyword volume, we're pretty low in this case it's still useful to still have a relatively high SEO difficulty score.
SEO Keyword Researc

Then you get to the preposition where they start adding N and all that, different words do it. And then a comparison. This is the type of phrase they use for comparison. You might notice when I leafed through this, he suggested don't change much, it's okay. Now below is very valuable data here. This shows you what is currently rated for our main keyword phrase that we typed in, which is the best kitchen knife. Now one of the things he added is really smart is this Facebook social sharing. At a glance, this gives you understanding of which post actually gets the most shares. Now you might think, Oh, of course the first one do it. That's not always the first time. And what tells you is you really want it go see the type of content that is shared a lot because that means they do something, hooks, angles, uh, what they do at that post for some reason becomes rather viral. I mean if you look at the numbers, there are more than 10 X more social divisions than the number two, and there are like 50 X almost compared to the results of number three up by 25, 30 X. 

So drastically more share. So this is where you can understand from what rank the first page of Google, which is shared. And that's the type of content you want to learn and you want to model because you want to create the type of content that people love enough to share. Hopefully you like this video enough to take it and share it go out on Twitter or share them on Facebook groups where you know, they are digital marketers. That is my goal with my content. And that should be your goal with your content too. So this is really good, the basic level of working with it. Now I want to show you what I usually do is I want to go deeper. So for me, I don't really do the best kitchen knives. I will do the best kitchen knife for vegetables because I like specificity, right? And my goal here is to reduce the difficulty of SEO, which we do, but currently we only have 10 searches per month. And this is the way, right? This is a game that we play as search engine marketers really trying to find keyword phrases that have low difficulty and also high search the volume for us to pursue. I really like the keyword phrases that are among 505,000 searches per month with low difficulty because I can often catch them up and rank very well. Let's do the best gift, so when we record this, we, we're on holiday season and of course the best gift for, I'm missing a few things, right? Like I really did not sentence it. So what I want to see is what is the most common phrase? So the best gift for a friend.

The best gift for men. The best gift for a man, the best gift for mom. So it gives me an understanding of what really is, who is really looking for the best gift. And this gave me the kind of gift guide that I could potentially meet. And again, you can search through right to right to right for all the different, um, types of keyword suggestions they offer. And this is a really good way to do it, follow this, to get keyword ideas and to get different ideas. Keyword ideas in the left panel here. So I just click the left panel and this is where it gives you the opportunity to get more keyword phrases. And that takes minutes to load because it pulls data from a number of different sources. When I talked to Neil, he actually said this tool when we last spoke was costing him $ 16,000 per month to run. So the question is, will it be free forever? And also why did he do this? Why did he spend all this money? And I have got the answer that he told me after I asked him, and you can see here, it will give you up to 435 more free suggestions. You only need to log in to Google, but I'm just trying to show you all the different ways you can use this tool and that makes us all the way to the best gift for the best one-year old gift for mom, etc., etc. . Many different phrases here. Now on the right we have the best prize for the search results page and what gets the most social part.

So I will go to the best prize for one year and I will click a little arrow. What is done is to look for the main page. Now I can see on this main page here on the right that this top post is here today, I have 1400 shares and then this post here gets 90 shares. This is the type of content you want to see. And maybe you do, I'm the first to see a racing drone and maybe you've just explored, you know that is your niche. That's where you are. You are in the world of drone racing arena. So you just try to come up with new ideas. And again, we, we pay attention here that most of the suggested keywords actually include the right phrases. So don't come out and find me FPV even though FPV is here, but it always seems to go back to racing drones. And this is a perfect example here. So the drone racing league actually packs 16 difficulty scores with 4,400 volumes. This is the type of number that I really like to search because it means I can get to the first page with a relatively new website and I might be able to devour a lot of traffic. But then it becomes a question like, is this relevant for your audience? Well. That, which is actually like relevance, um, the purpose of the search behind this is actually something that, it benefits your audience. If you teach people how to build and race drones and talk about finding a local racing drone league it certainly makes sense. Obviously people was looking for it. So it's a great way to meet your audience where they are and introduce them to your brand and your content, and so on.

So let's look at a few other keyword phrases here. You can see when I go to related, it's still, it's all racing, drone based content. Um, then you have a question that is often asked by everyone. Um, then you add prepositions and comparisons, etc., and so on. So what I want to do now is I will open, us
going to go sort of reverse engineer a competitor through this keyword tool. So on a racing drone, I'm going to so you notice number two which is actually a ton of social stock, right? 16,000 social shares with number two. And I will do this, drag this URL here and we will immediately go back up to the homepage and I will go to start and lead with the domain name now.

I know the topic that I want to discuss. It's reverse engineering, what works for your competition. So I just typed that one. Get FPV. Obviously we assume I'm in the first person drone. This is a drone niche if you don't know what FPV is. And now what we can do is we can see essentially what this person is ranked for. And you can see that they rank for more than 66,000 keywords and they get almost 200,000 monthly visits. They have very high domain scores and they are many from backlinks. So this is a very powerful website, which is interesting for us to know. Now what you can do is you can see their top SO page here and you can see by country it shows us what their best pages are that they get the most visits from. This is very valuable to us as content marketers, so I can see cameras for drones. HD drone cameras are actually their number one post. So now I see that, since I didn't see it in the keywords that I suggested, I can go back up here and I can type it, which we will do in a moment. But I want to show you a little more about what's happening here. You can also see it there. I am somewhat seasonal, right? The Christmas season is probably a very big season for them and then here it gives you the actual keywords for individuals. So the camera for drones as we saw above, is actually one of their best keyword phrases. FP, drones, FPV, drones, racing drones, drones to be raised by cameras with drones. This is a different keyword phrase that ranks well and then all you have to do is click on the little arrow and now it really does a keyword search for you in that sentence.

This gives you search volume and gives you trouble and we found it here, and we can see this is a very difficult keyword phrase, so we will need a very strong site to rank for this, but you can see directly here on camera the drone at Walmart is actually a difficulty which is comparatively far less trouble and maybe you do a holiday gift guide and you will do the 10 best camera drones that are at Walmart, 2,900 people a month looking for it. Walmart has an affiliate program. There is a way to create positive cash flow for your business over time. And really this is a game. The tool does more than this for sure. And again, you have the ability to see what content is ranked far below. But this is really the main keyword research game. You want to go in and see through several different lenses, right? We started with ideas. This is my idea for my topic. Cross-reference keyword research tools to find out. amount one, is this a very difficult keyword phrase? That's not a bad thing if you have a website that is very, very powerful, but if you have a new website, you want to make sure it focuses on low difficulty phrases and then you want to make sure you have the phrase that has the highest search volume as well and that's really- true primary key. But once you gain momentum, you can look for your competition and you will see them appear in the search engine throughout the keyword phrases that you want to pursue. There's that website again, son, they rank for everything. Do reverse engineering, what they rank for and dig through that data to find the lower difficulty score phrases they rank for.

And for me it is one of the big things that is missing from this tool. You can't sort by difficulty score, which is my favorite tool, I'm all connected to the one above. Him up there. Um, that tool that I use every day. I actually don't use this tool, but I want to show you how to use this tool because it offers little more data, less data cleaner, and also allows me to sort all columns by difficulty score. Um, I got more trust. This helped me build, you know, we reach 850,000 visits per month and that's because I have built that tool. So, this is a free tool. Neil Patel told me personally that he was shopping $ 16,000 per month, and this was some time ago to maintain and run this tool. And I asked him, what was your final game here? Why do you do this? Will you turn it into a paid tool at some point? Because if you've been in my video for a while and if you made it at the end of the 1% hashtag for you, um, you noticed the last free keyword The research tool that I showed after about six months, went to the paid model because we all hit so many APIs. Finally spent a lot of money and he had to put that cost back to us. The users, said that he had no plans to turn it into a paid tool, which I gave him a thumbs up. And the aim is to make people addicted to the company because he wants to sell Google's company access to this. He wants to sell large companies, companies access to this for 20, 50, one hundred thousand dollars annually.

And some key clients at a higher level will pay for all individual uses. So the idea is to get us all, get lots of people using tools, loving tools. So when you go into your daily job to ask for tools, you ask for this tool and there is a company level. That is the explanation about it. Um, honestly it works. That's a good tool if you have a deep budget, I still think the KW finder is a superior tool, but however, regardless of what you use. You have to make sure that your title, description, angle, what you are talk about what your people are looking for. And when you build content over the coming months and years in line with what people are looking for, you will find that you will be indexed faster, you will get better rankings and you will get more traffic because you help Google get a Google search, get a Google search. Users search Google, you help them get what they are looking for. And it all comes down to this keyword algorithm and keyword research. I hope this has happened helpful. Give me a thumbs up if you like it. Any question? Get me in the comments below and of course, be sure to subscribe because they have the keyword suggestion tool outside. That will give you some good and crazy keyword content ideas that you won't find from tools like this. I'm miles back there. Thank you again for your time.

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