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Wordpress Is the Top Choice CMS

 Why Wordpress Is the Top Choice CMS

In today's digital era, everything under the sun can be found on the internet. All you need to do is tap the device or click. Due to continuous technological development, everything is inflicted on you.

Same goes with building up your own website. CMS is also widely used and readily available for you. And the nice thing about CMS, it's free! And if you are a business person and want to install your business website, it is a wise choice to choose this CMS platform.

As of September 2018, there are 1,642,339,233 websites that are built all around the world. These numbers are continuously increasing because businesses nowadays are taking advantage of the power of the internet and e-commerce.

Based on the W3Techs Web Technology survey as of October 2018, 53.1% of these websites are using the content management system. With CMS, website development is much faster than building it from scratch. This computer application has a friendly user interface and all you have to do is drag and drop. It’s easy to add, edit, and delete the content that you want to manage.

And besides statistics, WordPress has 32.0% usage among other content management systems. From the last years, WordPress has always been a favorite content management system. And below is a list of reasons to choose WordPress.

Reasons why WordPress is number 1

1. Easy user management, With its user-friendly and intuitive dashboard, managing WordPress is easy and only requires minimal instruction. Everyone can use and manage it without technical knowledge and coding. There are also many tutorials and articles available for WordPress users at the beginner level. Businesses are using WordPress as their platform because it is much easier to manage and maintain.

2. Design consistency and flexibility, WordPress design is highly adaptable and flexible. This allows multi-design integration so if you want to change the theme and have a single design that is consistent throughout your website, it is possible and easy. In addition, there are 6,515 themes and 56,367 plugins to extend your WordPress experience available for free download. These themes are highly customizable so it can fit all your business needs in just one platform.

3. Endless security features, WordPress is free and a lot of hackers are looking for ways to bypass it. But thanks to WordPress large community, its security protocol has an airtight security, strong malware monitoring, and regular updates. Integration of SSL Certificated is also made easy for you with WordPress. So there is no need to worry that your website might not be secure from all unauthorized access because there are tons of free security plugins available at WordPress.

4. SEO and mobile friendly, Optimizing your website is made easy with WordPress. It has many tools that can help you with your post and page optimization. It also has an easier navigation and responsive features making it mobile friendly as well. In addition, Google ranks higher those websites that are WordPress created. There are also WordPress plugins that can be used to improve you’re ranking even more.

5. Simple content management, Managing your content is very simple with WordPress. Writing, editing, and publishing are made easy with its user-friendly feature. If you are just an entrepreneur and only hire someone to develop it, you can still manage your website.

 6. Social media integration, Social media also helps to enhance your website’s online visibility. And WordPress make it easier for you to integrate social media platforms to your website. Sharing your blog post through this social media’s made easier also with WordPress. Social media campaign can be time and effort consuming. By integrating this powerful platform to your website, promoting your product and services is much more effortless and strengthens your brands' visibility.

There are hundreds of logical reasons why WordPress is the go-to platforms of people today, especially for businesses. You can choose from a variety of powerful plugins and themes. WordPress is very powerful that businessmen are utilizing it helps to enhance and empowers their business at a less cost.

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