Your idea doesn't have to be revolutionary but must be unique in some ways is the idea of starting a blog. The first most important step before leaning forward is to find your blog niche. What happens you must be thinking how is it possible to work on an idea that hasn't taken up my millions of blogs and redundant data on Google?

You have a different voice to share with your audience. You have a passionate personality that will attract the attention of friends, family, and followers.

Two important points in starting a blog, namely:

1. Interested in learning more about the topic, You shouldn't be blogging if you don't like what you're doing. This is not a monthly contract or weekly schedule but should be your daily routine. So you can't work on topics that don't interest you.

You have to be curious about your topic to develop ideas, unique content and more things to make it successful. It’s time to think about your skills or things you are best at. Reach out to your friends and family or people of your surroundings to get a better idea of what you are efficient at. Remember, you know best.

How to start a blog with bluehost

2. Be specific about a particular topic? You can do a quick research on the main keywords. You will get millions of blogs with the same topic. Rethink and focus on a narrower topic. If it's a home decorating idea, determine what works best for you. There is a super creative blogger who is famous for making recycled paper jewelry. 

And, he earns through blogging and selling his products online. Isn't that amazing?

Just like him – you need to find out what works best for you.

Let’s look at few common niches;

Lifestyle niche (with multiple topics)

Health + fitness 







Productivity + time management

Mom blog 

Parenting + Children

Education (writing, marketing, skills)

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