Making money while you sleep? Interested in learning how to start a blog?

I'm here to walk you through all the steps to starting a new blog. If you are looking for an easy step by step guide to learn how to start a blog, then you are on the right page.

Blogging will give individuals the voice, exposure, career, audience, and money to live happier lives in the comfort of their homes. The spark of blogging that attracts everyone to start a new blog and make money blogging?

How do you start a blog? Blogging is something that has been happening for years but still, a lot of people simply don’t know about it and how to take the first step of starting a blog. Do you want to pursue a creative outlet, engage with a following and want to make money from home? With one blog, you are encouraged to establish an audience, teach skills, make money online, and sell products, crafts, ebooks, courses, etc.

You can absolutely do it! When I started blogging, my reactions were exactly the same as you. A blog? What’s that?

1. How can I be a blogger and make money blogging?

2. What’s the purpose of setting up a blog?

3. How to start blogging?

4. Can I make money from blogging?

5. What are the best blog sites?

6. Should I go for free blogging platforms or buy hosting?

7. Crap! What is web hosting?

You see there were a number of questions I was mumbling at that time. And, now I’m teaching you how to start a blog and create a blogging platform for yourself. This post will eventually cut down your web searches for creating a blog, domain name, hosting, installing WordPress, must-have WordPress plugins, and several other blogging tools to run successful blogging.

In addition to that, I will also share with five profitable methods to quickly make money from blogging!

I’ll help you take baby steps for starting your own blog to start writing your first blog post. I also have to make sure that each thing I’m writing here is what I’ve earned through potentially busy years of learning all about blogging. Nothing else!

Don’t worry. You can easily start a blog even with no technical experience. I will show you the exact steps to start a new blog, and grow your blog! 

My decision to actually learn how to start a blog, and make money blogging is what led my built a successful blog online. Now, I pay my bills, enjoy the freedom to work from home and grow every blogging year. And today, I’m going to walk you through this free beginner’s guide to blogging on how to start a blog and make money blogging.

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