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Things to Know Beforehand in an SEO Career

Things to Know Beforehand in an SEO Career

You want to build a rewarding career in SEO? To gain what seems like a lot of experience, start SEO, work with household brands, and rank sites competitively. There are many things that could be done better to become a successful SEO professional; to advance faster in SEO.

In this article, we will share the most important things in building SEO.

1. Learn How to Write Great Content

At one point, you had to focus so much on the technical side of SEO that I completely forgot how important good content is to SEO success. It's even worse, if you don't have a clue about how to create great content yourself, because I haven't been in the trenches in a long time.

How to come up with typical content ideas, what title structure to adhere to, and the best way to link articles internally. You'll spend too much time thinking about creating content, and too little time doing it. That's not how you drive organic traffic.

Get back in the trenches and get more hands-on writing experience. Start by writing about what you know – SEO. See what works well and what doesn't. Learn how to make sure your content attracts an audience.

In parallel, start partnering with good copywriters to fill this gap and watch what they do and how they do it.

2. Learn How to Get Links

Ten to fifteen years ago, directory links were pretty easy to come by and that's very interesting. You can successfully rank sites with them in low to mid-competition niches. Combined with the press release, that's pretty much M.O. when it comes to link building.
For the time being, this worked fine. You haven't learned enough about what moves people or how I can persuade journalists and bloggers to link to me. You have to find new ways to get links, and slowly move on to more consulting roles where I only came up with ideas about getting links.

And forget what you think you know about link building. Back to the trench. Get rid of your bad habits and take the time to understand what makes people tick and how to make them connect with you. Gain experience and partner with PR people to improve your link generation skills.

Keyword to Target Outperforming SERP Rivals. Semrush's SEO Content Template Tool allows you to create customized briefs, create relevant content, and outperform SERP competitors for your target keywords. 
If you can't master it, then hire someone who already has this skill.

3. Stop Writing SEO Audits with Multiple Pages

Writing with multiple pages is very detrimental, Forget writing with many pages and go where your clients need you. Give them a simple page with a prioritized list of tasks (data supported with a spreadsheet for more details), expected results, and a timeline of when those results are expected.

4. Focus on Long-Term Clients

It doesn't matter who comes knocking on our door, we'd love to work with them. That means we do a lot of project-based work for clients who don't have the potential or budget for long-term commitments.

After a while, you will find out which clients will turn into long term clients and which will not. But we still don't have the guts to turn down project-based income that won't get past the initial project.
Often it doesn't produce much, because you have to get it all done at once. And you can't move on to the next phase on the SEO roadmap. 

Has thin margins compared to long-term commitments. Focus on working with clients that you think have a good chance of becoming long-term clients. These are the people you would most like to work with. They will teach you the most, and they will also give you the best margins.

5. Invest in Your Personal Brand

You don't have to invest a lot to build a personal brand. You don't have to create content and share what you've learned, although it's often a very interesting situation that the SEO community wants to hear about. Start building a following on social media by sharing what you learn and find interesting. Back to writing again, and out in the real world too.

Speak at local gatherings and start there. That will be very useful in the future, whichever path you choose. This investment will pay for itself a thousand times over.

6. Don't Let Clients Obsess About Ratings

You shouldn't obsess over rankings, but while ranking is definitely important in SEO, you don't want the meeting to be about why a keyword dropped from position 6 to 7. Explain to clients that they need to look at trends and focus on more meaningful metrics like organic traffic – and ideally leads and revenue.

That way, you lose less time on meaningless discussions and enjoy more time discussing how to further develop your business.

7. Spend Less Time on Auditing and Reporting

You will be proud to have a comprehensive weekly checklist that I run for each client. You will catch every issue and change made, big and small. When you look back, you would think you would have spent 30% of our time on auditing and reporting.

By automating tracking changes, applying the 80/20 Pareto rule for manual auditing tasks, and simplifying the reporting process, I was able to bring that 30% down to 10%. The time saved could be used to get better results for my clients, which can be significant when you consider the combined nature of SEO.

What I tell myself: Take your time on the tasks that will provide the greatest ROI for your clients. Spend in the trenches, actively doing SEO and reduce time spent on auditing and reporting.

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