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3 Free Keyword Tools to Use

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With the ubiquity of keyword tools that online marketers used in running the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry, it is then hard for newbies to choose which tool to use. With this, we filtered and ranked the top three free keyword tools that might help you in determining which one to use.

In weighing which are the most useful, the common tools were ranked based on 

1. How easy they are being used

2. How many are using them, for credibility

3. How useful the data returned is for the industry; and how well they reported results. So, here I present the keyword tools that ranked the highest.

Garnering the first place is NicheBot.com, This keyword search tool lists alternative keyword suggestions and at the same time, breaks things down by top search engines and keyword phrases.

Also, it features a thesaurus, keyword tracking, and keyword ranking tools. However, this keyword search tool has a limitation of monitoring lists for the past 100 days so you can get the service of other platform to get longer-range statistics covering more days.

Second is KeywordDiscovery.com, Since this keyword tool acquire information from 100 search engines and it also offers web-wide statistics, related keyword searches, and features a graph that shows seasonal trends. It is the keyword tool recommended to be partnered with NicheBot.com if your wish to have greater statistical records.

Moreover, with the tool's special feature of observing seasonal trends, it is perfect for businesses to rely on seasonal income. They can see the trend monthly, quarterly, and the whole year round.

Landing on the third spot is WordTracker Keywords, This tool lists the total number of searches made based on a certain keyword phrase as well as the alternative or related keywords searches one searcher can probably use.

Free as it is, you might shed some amount for a paid membership if you wish to have an access to view more than the top 100 related keywords. The WordTracker Keywords is highly recommended for newbies in the SEO industry since this keyword tool is easy to use

The three stated above are just top three of the many useful keyword tools you can use. Still, there are a lot of tools to utilize such as SpellWeb.com which is a keyword phrase comparison tool; the URL.com that allows you to see the returns of a certain keyword phrase form top search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo; and a whole lot more.

These keyword tools are also recommended to be used with other platforms as they can give you more detailed and helpful results for your marketing data. Don't limit yourself on the listed tools and feel free to explore a lot of possibilities online.

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