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Is Google's External Keyword Tool Better Then a Paid Keyword Tool?

Many people often times will ask me whether or not free keyword tools are better than or at least as effective as a the one from Wordtracker, or Market Samurai; and honestly, I'm sure that they don't want to believe my response when I answer them with a simple yes. Google's free keyword tools are just as potent, maybe even better than those paid tools for the purpose of search engine optimization and article marketing, and the results that you get from Google's free keyword tools will allow you to connect with paying audiences just as well. Let's discuss why I feel as if the ones provided by Google are better than the paid ones.

Keywords, keywords, keywords

First of all, let me explain this to you, the keyword results that you receive from any tool, whether it be results from the Google external keyword tool, or results from Wordtracker or Market Samurai; those results are just that, keywords. In all honesty, the paid tools all gather their data from the big G, Google that is, based upon analytics data provided by Google. So why not go directly to the source and utilize the Google external keyword tool, since it provides the EXACT same results as any of those paid options will provide for you. The only difference between the free offerings and the paid ones are that often times the paid options will offer you some easy to read analytics data, or give you the long-tailed versions of the keyword you initially searched for, without any searching on your behalf. Internet marketing requires that you be smart, internet savvy and cost effective; so wasting your time and money on paid tools is just not smart at all. You can find those exact same long tailed keywords with the Google external keyword tool, they are out there!

Too many people allow keyword choices to hang them up, when in actuality, choosing keyword is not hard at all. Strengthen Your Marketing Arsenal with Tools That Matter It doesn't make sense to pay for useless tools when the free keyword tools provided by Google will get the job done for you just as efficiently as any other tool on the market. We all go directly to Google when searching for something online anyhow, so why not utilize the number one research source on the planet for your own benefit? As an addition to the tools from Google, consider adding the Wealthy Affiliate University to your arsenal, as they have all of the tools you will need to complement the free keyword tools provided by Google, such as an article writer and spinner, web hosting, a Google competition analyzer, analytics and tracking software, as well as niche research tools. By utilizing these tools as well as the free keyword tools provided by Google, you will be well on your way to search engine optimization success.

I encourage you to become familiar with the tools at both Google and the Wealthy Affiliate University; those tools are truly all you will ever need to become an online success. Good luck to you and all of your online endeavors.

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