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Google Keyword Tools and Search Engine PPC

Top Tools and Techniques For Internet Success

Is there anything more initially confusing or counterproductive than staring at a computer screen wondering where to start with strange concepts like search engine PPC (pay-per-click) or Google keyword tools? Like many others, you may wish that you could find straight answers; more, you probably wish that the tools, concepts, and ideas could be self explanatory.

I will discuss/explain these concepts and tools so you may apply them to your website and business.

The secrets to search engine PPC (more properly referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SEO) and any Google keyword tool are actually just a set of practices that will more clearly define who you are on the world wide web and help accelerate sales and profit of your business or website.

When you launch a website you should have researched what meta data would best bring your pages to the attention of the searcher. Whether the prospective buyer is searching from Bing, Yahoo, or Google the same data applies. Bear in mind that each of your web pages should be optimized in such a way that it contains the particular meta data set related to what you want that page to do. What is meta data:

As a Refresher, Meta Data is

Page Title

Pager Header Title

Page Description

Page keywords

Page Tags

Page categories

In actuality, many pieces of data can be considered meta data, it simply depends on the granularity of the data that is used to "ID" a site. There is no need to get hung up on what is or what isn't meta data as long as you understand the basics above.

It seems to be a common belief that a website has meta data, as opposed to individual pages having their own. This is both wrong and right.

If your website is about cars and each page represents a different make and model, then you would want your meta data to be reflective of those individual cars. This is necessary to "pull" individual search engine queries to the right pages on your site. Naturally, some of your meta data related to cars in general would be present on each page as well. But don't forget: in order to bring targeted traffic to individual pages you should optimize each page for that specific car.

With the combination of search engine PPC, a fresh approach, a good Google keyword tool and the right keyword selection, targeted traffic will steadily increase to your site.

So you have a handle on what meta data is but you still may be confused about what constitutes a useful Google keyword tool.

What is commonly called a Google keyword tool is, in actuality, many different but variously related products that do the same thing to a greater or lesser degree. In this article I will survey what I consider the best of the bunch: Micro Niche Finder, Market Samurai, and Keyword Elite 2.0.

Before I press on you should keep this in mind: there is a Google keyword tool fundamental to each of the above tools: its the Google AdWords Tool itself. Most keyword tools on the market today rely, at least in part, on a proprietary access to Google AdWords for their searches.

Beyond the Google keyword tool access, each of the above listed tools have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Bear in mind as we discuss these tools that we are concentrated on search engine ppc and finding the best keywords for each of your pages. Still, I will cover their related functions so you have a better idea how they may each fit into your marketing strategy.

Micro Niche Finder excels at just that: finding "under the radar" niche markets that can be exploited for profit. The application is geared around the concept of "divert and convert" or identifying a search phrase (using this Google keyword tool), using it to send traffic to your website, and then pushing it off to a merchant sale site. Divert and convert.

Micro Niche Finder at its most basic is a keyword finder that can optimize your search engine ppc efforts. It can search out as many as 240 keywords in under 3 seconds. These words will identify micro niches that you can then use in the meta data on your site, in articles you write, or products you may wish to sell. Micro Niche Finder has many features you should review.

Some Features of Micro Niche Finder:

Uncover Completely Overlooked Niche Markets

Locates Affiliate Programs for Your Niche

Identifies Existing Competition

Allows Easy Access To Past Keyword Searches

Micro Niche Finder runs from your desktop, Even if Internet is Down

Exports Results to Common Excel Format

Accesses Google Trend info on Keyword Phrase

Market Samurai is a cutting edge application (so cutting edge that its still in Beta) designed to quickly sift through the multitudes of data to find the Google keyword tool pearls. In Noble Samurai's own words (Noble Samurai is the company name):

"...Market Samurai is software for your Mac or PC that streamlines all critical search engine marketing tasks, puts complete market intelligence at your finger-tips, takes away uncertainty, and gives you focus, direction and confidence in your internet marketing...."

If I had to pick the most useful function in Market Samurai it would have to be its ability to identify keywords and the back link anchor text used to draw traffic to any given site. Market Samurai can find and list the keywords and anchor text in a thousand sites in nothing flat. This saves an incredible amount of time.

Market Samurai shares similar features with the other Google keyword tools such as mining related articles on the Net and identifying market competition. Because I believe Market Samurai will eventually take affiliate marketing by storm, stay tuned for future articles covering Market Samurai! There are several other features you should review as well.

Some Features of Market Samurai:

Identifies markets worth targeting

Highlights Keywords with Fast Results

Identifies Keywords with Front-page Google Rankings Potential

Locates Quality Backlinks

Provides Real AdWords Traffic and Click Through Rate data

Provides Search Engine PPC Trend Data from Google

Identifies Search Engine Gaps

Finally, we come to what is arguably the best search engine ppc and Google keyword tool: Keyword Elite 2.0

Keyword Elite is not shy and they make no bones about it. They claim that this application will dominate your niche marketing, dominate Google AdWords, and dominate your search engine marketing. I believe them!

Keyword Elite 2.0 is the brain child of Brad Callen. Brad is a powerhouse in Internet and affiliate marketing. He has created and successfully marketed at least seven applications devoted to better ranking and selling in affiliate marketing. His latest success, Keyword Elite 2.0 is set to reign, once again, as THE Google keyword tool to dominate search engine PPC and Internet and affiliate marketing.

Like the above listed tools, Keyword Elite has many similar functionalities, but keyword Elite brings them together in an elegant and efficient presentation. When you buy the program yourself, you will see how easy it is to navigate, how obvious the controls and simple they are to achieve results that bring traffic to your site and buyers to your products.

With Keyword Elite you will find a tool box that will allow you to build VRE sites (Virtual Real Estate) and monetize using Google AdSense. You will be able to identify promotional site to sell your ebooks or those of others. In addition you can use Keyword Elite to build income generating massive opt-in emailing lists.

The functionality of this program that has been in existence for years, is seemingly endless. Its saves hundreds of hours in otherwise painful unending research. With it you will be able to identify whether or not you are targeting buyers or just "lookie-loos." Once you identify the buyers you can effortlessly dominate the niche that you will lead them to. Keyword Elite has an almost endless array of functions for you to consider.

Here is a List of Just Some of Keyword Elite's Features:

Identifies Each Profitable Sub-market in a Niche

Generates Unlimited Keywords for Any Niche

Identifies SEO Weakness in Your Website

Identifies Possible Advertisers for Your Products

View Six Months of AdWords Ad History for Any Advertiser

Identifies Sites Using AdSense to Promote Your Website

Identifies High Converting CPA Offers

Identifies Keyword Trends from Google Trends Data

Identifies How Many "Clicks" You May Receive From a Given Keyword

Flexible and Targeted Keyword Filters

Provides Report on How Many Searches Done Against a Given Niche

Identify Keywords in Use by Successful Marketers

Provides Estimated Click Figures without Going to Google

Monitor Your Profitable Keywords for Loss of Profitability

Whichever Google keyword tool you choose to propel your Internet and affiliate marketing, remember your search engine PPC or search engine optimization. Its vital that each of your pages are optimized to draw traffic for the express purpose of that page. This means that you must have the correct meta data listed for each page and not just for your site.

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