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How To Be A Wizard 

An article titled "how to be a wizard," eh? I fully realize what that may sound like to some. While I don't want to spend all of my time on the proverbial back foot, given the acknowledged baggage this subject matter might hold for some, a little preface is necessary.

We're not talking about some kind of fantasy role-playing thing here. We're not talking about being a fan of the Harry Potter series, or anything like that (though if you do like that, all the more power to you). We're not talking about dropping out of society and wearing robes with star and moon icons on them and a big pointy hat--though you're free to do that too, I suppose!

What we're talking about is quieting the inner self. Communing with nature. More sensibly and truly exerting your attention to affect change in the world, rooted in the balance and wisdom of the life force. Those interested in this often may enough identify as being part of the general pagan/wiccan tradition. That is wonderful, and certainly will frame a decent amount of the articles on the subject. However, it is not exclusive to that. Let's be honest though, it probably takes a certain type to take the word "wizard," seriously, or put it in its proper context.

A note on the terms: witch, priestess/priest, practitioner-- they all apply. And truly, what we'll be discussing is applicable to all genders. Those with a proclivity towards discussions like this probably know that the terms may help our mind focus. Ultimately, though, they're here to serve us. We don't serve them.

For those of us who know that "magick" is real, we know that in the most general sense, everyone practices it. However, what is the path of the person who consciously and actively hones and cultivates it?

A bedrock is quieting your mind and any turbulent emotions in order to feel the power within. The life force that animates and ultimately is everything has a special and unique way of expressing through you. However, as a human, you have free will. And in the modern world, distractions abound. When the mind is full of distracting inner monologue, it's like trying to have a phone conversation while in a busy, noisy, room. How will you hear what the person on the other line is trying to communicate to you?

Many meditation practices are available. You are free to find ones that best suit you. Simply note that the end result should leave you feeling more centered, peaceful and expanded. A great beginning one is to focus on the breath, just for five minutes a day in one sitting. You may need to work up to this. Remember consistency pays. Enough focus on the breath will result in turbulent thoughts and feelings being gently absorbed into the background of your consciousness. Following that, you are then more grounded and in tune with the wise whisperings that the Life force is always providing you.

Regardless of where you live, supplementing meditation with time in nature is another key component for those who walk the wizard's or witch's path. There are cycles on a macrocosmic and microcosmic scale--from the rhythms of your body to the changes of the seasons. Particularly, those who walk the pagan/wiccan path celebrate regular holidays throughout the Wheel of the Year. These are the major and minor sabbats. There are also the esbats of the lunar cycle.

Getting in touch with your true essence through meditation also will help you identify the ways that your increasing, innate wisdom will specifically manifest in your life. Some people become more drawn to healing, others learning about the uses of plants and herbs, while still others may delve into Tarot or astrology. You'll also learn of the best balance for you regarding walking a solo path or joining a group who celebrate and harness their energies together. There is no one way, it's all very personal.

The personal and fluid nature of these paths also recognize that Life, Source etc. is interfaced with and celebrated via different symbols and entry points. Commonly held are the Triune Goddess (representing, again, female and grander cycles of Maiden, Mother, and Wise Crone), the Horned God of nature, and various other spirits and expressions of deity. Some practitioners utilize all of these in different ways at different times.

One thing you'll want to get is a personal journal, a witch or wizard's Book of Shadows, as it is commonly held. This is to chronicle your own development, and to also note incantations and spells. Remember, that when you focus energy and intent, everything comes back to you threefold. Therefore, we are only dealing in positive, harmonious, fruitful intent here.

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