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Best SEO Strategy

Best SEO Strategy For Beginners

Are you just getting yourself familiarized with everything about search engine optimization? If this is your first time to try to do SEO on a website, then you are probably quite overwhelmed with all the different SEO strategy and techniques that you can do. Do not worry too much about it because this article will provide you with a basic but effective process.

The first thing that you should do is keyword research. You should know by now that the most important part of any optimization is the keyword you will be targeting for your website. So how should you start with it? Think of a main keyword, or often called a seed, and use that to begin your research. You can use any keyword research tool, and there are both paid and free versions for that. The great thing with paid tools is that these often will provide you with the long tail variations of the keywords you are searching. And long tail is often better because there are less competition with those key terms. But that's another subject.

Now that you already have your keywords, it's time to put them in the right places. The most important part would be the title tag of each web page on your site. Use a keyword that is appropriate, as much as possible, to the content of the page. This is why often the best approach is to first find the keywords you want and then create content based on those keywords. But if the content have been done first, then just try your best to incorporate the keywords on that page and also within the content. Should you worry about keyword density? Not really. For as long as the keyword is in the title, that should be enough on page optimization already.

Your website now has all the keywords in place, it is then time to do off page optimization. This is mostly about link building and the most important component of a link (or a backlink which is just a link pointing to your website) would be the anchor text. It is what describes a link, often it says what the website is all about. Therefore you should use your target keyword in place of the anchor text. But that is only if you can request the owner of that website to use your desired anchor text.

Just a quick reminder. Never buy links. The major search engines do not like this tactic and should you be found out engaging in this activity, your website would be penalized. How? By not showing your site in the search results for your desired keywords. Should that happen, your website traffic would surely go down.

Aside from link building there are other off page optimization that you can try. You can do social bookmarking. You can submit your site's RSS feed to RSS feed aggregators. You can also do video marketing.

This is just a basic SEO strategy that you can follow, especially if you are just starting out in SEO. Just remember to take your time and do not rush things. Because often you can get yourself in trouble with the search engines if you go for quicker and less desirable tactics.

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