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YouTube Video Marketing Tips: How To Optimize Your Video

YouTube Video Marketing Tips: How To Optimize Your Video

So you're looking to get some good YouTube video marketing tips? In this article I'm going to share with you how to optimize your video for the greatest exposure. Ranking a YouTube video can give you a huge advantage in building your business. Based on the domain authority, and the fact Google owns YouTube, often times you can rank a video in a matter of days instead of months as it usually takes since Panda and Penguin came out.

So lets get started...

Step 1: Upload your YouTube video

Depending on the software you're using to create your video, you may or may not need to login to your YouTube account and upload the video. Some video creation or screen capturing software will automatically connect to your YouTube account and upload the video. But for the sake of this tutorial I'm going to show you exactly how to upload your video.

To do this you simply need to login to your account at and click the button that says upload.

From here you will have several options. You will either want to choose a file from your hard drive, do a live webcam capture, or even set up a Google Hangout. I use a software called which I'll save the file to my hard drive and upload manually.

Step 2: Optimize your YouTube video title

This is obviously very important as this is what people see when they search YouTube or Google. When putting in your title you want to make sure you lead with the keywords you are trying to rank for. I suggest making a compelling title that tells someone exactly what the video is going to be about. This will improve the time people watch if your title is compelling and matches up with the type of information they are looking for.

Step 3: Choose your tags

Your tags are very important as it will help Google figure out what your video is about. You want to make sure you do good keyword research so you can come up with a series of related search terms to rank your video for. To get to this tool go to Google and search for the YouTube keyword suggestion tool.

Step 4: Write a great description

The last step to optimizing your YouTube videos is what you add to the description box. Writing a great description is extremely important to ranking your video for multiple terms. The description area is similar to an article or blog post. You should use this area to write as much as you possibly can about what the video is about. As well as add the keywords from your tags and pepper them into your description. Writing a good description will help Google index your video for multiple keyword phrases as it will match up with what you placed in your tags area.

Make sure the most important information is at the very top of the description box though. Many people don't open up to read it, so you want your link to be there for whatever your purposes are. For the videos I create I put a link to a lead capture page there in hopes of generating leads when I put up a video the viewers find helpful.

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