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Link Building Tips for Charities

With so many non-profit organizations competing for funding, it is difficult to stand out and spread the word about your mission. Charities that have websites or blogs showing up on the first pages in search engines will see an increase in traffic, which will result in more donations. If you run a non-profit organization and you find it hard to come up with enough money to run your day to day operations, consider starting a website.

Setting up a website requires minimum investment. For the start, you can use a free hosting service like Blogger or WordPress. Once you add information about your non-profit organization, you will have to build links and promote your website to the target audience. Increasingly more SEO companies are offering free link building services for charities. Most of them have strict requirements. However, there are a few strategies that you can easily implement without professional help.

Start by adding quality content. Write about your mission and values. Give people a reason to support your cause. Use a free analytics tool to find keywords that relevant to your organization. When you promote a charity online, you are not only appealing to the local community, but you are also appealing to those who are interested in your cause. Don't force people to use a specific anchor text or link back to a particular page. Suggest it, but allow for give and take. Don't go overboard with link building.

Create a Facebook fan page for your non-profit organization. Provide compelling information and include a link to your website or blog. Profile links are highly valuable. You can also join a number of forums, post meaningful replies, and tell other users about your cause. Add a link in your signature in order to drive traffic to your site and get quality backlinks.

Networking is a central part of any non-profit organization. Many charities work with government associations and schools, so there's a great chance of getting some very strong links sites. Contact your associates and request links from them. They will be more than happy to have their names associated with your organization.

Create a dedicated section on your site for your campaign. Optimize your landing page and share it on social media sites, forums, and online communities. Keep in mind that the key to reaping the rewards of a charity link building campaign is to use relevant keywords that aren't overly competitive and have a decent search volume.

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