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Best Backlinking

Best Backlinking Tips To Rank Better On Search Engines

One of the most important parts of any SEO campaign is backlinking. The more links coming to your site the better it ranks in the search engines and the higher your site will climb up the search results. You could have the best looking site anyone has ever seen and without backlinks no one would ever know your site existed.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are simply links from another site that link back to your site. Search engines love backlinks and the search engine spiders follow the links to your site and index the page making it easier for people searching online to find your site. Every backlink that a site adds that points back to your site is like a vote of confidence for your site. The more backlinks you have, the more votes your site is getting and the more popular your site becomes.

Where do I add backlinks?

Backlinks can be added to signatures in forum posts, in blog comments or in the resource box of a written article. Forums and blog posts only take minute to post but articles take some time to write. It's always a good idea to add value in your posts, comments and articles and make people reading your words to want to know more so they will follow the link and click to your site.

When making a comment on a blog or website for the first time, it is a good idea to actually read the article and make your comment a very valuable part of the conversation. Try to engage the readers of that particular site to respond to your comment by asking a question or express an opinion and ask for what the readers or site owner thinks about your point of view. Webmasters love when their readers get involved with the content of their site and it will almost assure that your backlink will become a permanent part of the site you back linked from.

How do I add a backlink?

To add a backlink you simply, add this code to the comment box of the site you are adding a link to.

<a target="_new"href="">Your Keyword</a>

Replace the with your site and the Your Keyword with your keyword.

Article marketing is a great way to get long-lasting and very targeted backlinks to your site. When you write an article about a specific niche, people interested in that niche will be searching for information about your topic on the search engines. Articles are full of content and text words that search engines love to index because that is how people search for things online, by typing words into a search engine. At the bottom of your article is your link back to your site.

Because your article and the information someone is searching for are about the same topic that they are looking for, the traffic generated by articles is specifically targeted to their interests. This makes your traffic highly targeted which to your offer or niche.

Articles can be published to article directories adding more backlinks and other website owners re-publish your articles on their sites and spread your backlinks over and over again. The more backlinks coming into your site, the higher your site ranks on the page of a search engine.

Create a Google Alert for keywords. When you have a web page you want to rank for, set up a Google Alert for that keyword. Choose to get your alerts from blogs. Every time someone posts a blog

that has that keyword in it, Google will send you an alert in your email and you can click to the blog and add a comment to it. This will get you some traffic and help you rank higher.

Social media sites are another good way to get additional backlinks. Sites like Twitter and Facebook get indexed many times a day because so much content is added to them daily and the search engine spider will find your links and follow them back to your site.

Backlinking can be outsourced to have someone do the backlinks for you. If you do outsource your backlinking, make sure you use a company that will build your backlinks gradually over time. Instead of adding thousands of backlinks overnight like some backlinking software does, it is much better to add them steadily over time. Too many backlinks all at once looks very unnatural to a search engine and could get your site banned.

Backlinking and choosing the right keywords will go a long way to improving your search engine rankings. These basic tips for backlinking will work very well for getting your site indexed, getting traffic to your site and attracting very targeted traffic.

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