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Generating Quality Backlinks With Article Marketing

Generating Quality Backlinks With Article Marketing

Backlinks are links to your site from other websites. Search engines make use of backlinks (amongst other things) to rank a website's relevance to keyword searches performed by web surfers on the search engines. In other words, backlinks help your your website relevance and rankings with the search engines.

If you have lots of backlinks pointing to your website, the search engines will assume you have quality content on your website. You get quality backlinks if your website URL appears on other websites with high pagerank. Basically, there are two types of backlinks; you have one-way links and reciprocal links. With one-way links, other websites link to you but you don't link back to them. With reciprocal links however you are linking to each other. One-way links carry more weight or value with the search engines. Before you place your articles on websites, articles directories or forums, you should first of all determine the pagerank of the sites you aim to submit your articles to. There are lots of pagerank tools on the internet that you can use for free to get the pagerank of a website.

You can get quality one-way backlinks on some popular websites with high pagerank by doing some of the following:

1. Create blogs with your articles and submit them through blog pings. Ping sites such as search and You can use your blog's ping tool or third parties software to ping these websites.

2. Bookmark the articles on your website at the top social bookmarking site like

3. Post your articles on content websites (revenue sharing websites like Some of these websites have a pretty high pagerank because they've being around for a long time and have quality and constantly updated content.

4. Use your article submission software/service to submit your articles to high pagerank article directories. Some of these submission services will allow you to post articles based on the pagerank of the article directories in their databases.

5. Create quality and constantly updated articles on your website too - others will link to you on their own if your articles are good.,, HubPages and so on are websites with high pagerank that search engines visit frequently, You can get indexed fast in the search engines through these sites and also get positive pagerank points by promoting your articles on them consistently for a long time.

The combined effects of these backlinks will truly help you as far as search engines like Google, are concerned. You can in addition to this also determine if any one of these websites are possible locations you can concentrate your article marketing on by looking at the traffic that comes directly through them. You'll want to know how long those referred visitors stayed on your website, how many unique visitors came over and what percentage of the traffic convert sales.

You can use this to more or less accurately determine if you should expend more energy on any one of them in the long run. If a website is promising enough, you will concentrate your article marketing efforts there, if not you'll just be satisfied with the long term effects.

If you found these tips useful, I'm confident that you'll find my report " Article Marketing Newbie [] " extremely helpful. If you are a complete, clueless newbie when it comes to article marketing, download my report today by clicking here []. Oh yeah, it's free for a limited time as well.

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