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How to Get Edu Backlinks Online

How to Get Edu Backlinks

If you own a website business, you probably know that online edu backlinks work well because education sites have high page rank. Having an external edu site linking back to yours is a must when you are trying to build reputation and credibility in search engines. It is even greater that you can get edu backlinks that link back to your site from pages that display in their URL, dot edu. These privileged sites are well ranked by Google, and by backlinking your site can also rank well.

How to Get Edu Backlinks

Firstly, edu links come from university blogs. To get edu backlinks, you or a paid service will need to post academic comments related to the blog topic. Your site needs interesting, helpful and beneficial content for those who come to it. If not, they will not consider linking visitors towards your page. If your text is rich, correctly written, with proper support and excellent references, you may be a good candidate. The best results do not grow overnight.

The best way to get online attention and back links from edu sites is to write academic comments that are relevant, interesting, and add to the blog discussion. After you or a writing service writes the comments, they can be posted to the Edu blogs with backlinks to your site. Remember, you must focus on the content in order to be successful and get backlinks.

Another strategy to get edu backlinks is to post a comment on the blog or member page that edu sites host. Once you get to sign into the page, your name and URL will be accessible for everyone and the link you created will lead them directly to your website. Be aware that not all sites allow this execution, so check before if it is possible and do not waste time and effort if comments are not published.

When you encounter a 'No follow' command, it is telling you that people can follow the link and go to your site, but Google will not recognize this action and the page will link back to your site, but will not improve page rank. If you want to know which pages permit 'do follow', you can use the Firefox add-on recognized as "Status Search." If you frequently visit edu sites, you likely know that people need to subscribe prior to posting any comments. An Edu backlink service will have accounts and know which sites are 'do follow'.

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