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Using Backlinks Building Services

Using Backlinks Building Services

There are lots of backlinks building services advertised through the internet, providing different types of link building services. There are lots of different types of backlinks which can be built to your website, so you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the types of links which can be built on your behalf, and also the potential impact that this can have.

Google do sometimes sandbox websites, which they believe are acting as spammers. The definition of sandboxing is according to is: "A site is sandboxed when it is new and does not rank for keyword phrases that are not incredibly competitive (such as a unique company name) in Google after making the page "search engine friendly" and after being indexed." As a site owner clearly this is concerning and if you do have a website, you need to make sure that you do not fall foul of these types of rules.

So what can you do to make sure that those people who are building links to your website do not fall foul of such rules. I would personally ask for their experience in SEO and the types of other clients which they currently have. Why not ask for some proof that the techniques which they use have worked. Any SEO business will happily talk about their successes.

Next consider the types of links which the backlinks building service is proposing to build. If there are all forum based links, I would personally recommend adding some variety of different types of links into the mix to maximise the opportunity. It may be that for the same price they may build a certain amount of forum based posts, but also build some blog comments and also do some social bookmarking and directory submissions.

There is lots of talk around forum links being discounted. At the time of writing this is certainly not the case. The worst that can happen is that some of the links could potentially carry no value. Therefore I would suggest that you use a variety of types of links to be built to ensure that you are generating the maximum possible opportunity.

The higher the page rank of the site where the link is placed and also the page rank of the site does have some impact on how much impact the link does have. The more links which you are able to get from high page rank sites, and also high page rank pages will definitely improve your chances of improving your ranking.

Another important factor is that when your links are being placed, the keywords are correct. Using articles is a great way of placing links, as you can ensure that you have a high keyword density to maximise the opportunity from a link perspective, as well as having a high page rank site pointing to your website.

Next you also need to consider deep linking. i.e. Having links not just to your homepage, but also to the subpages within your site. Over a period of time it is better to get several pages ranked, rather than just one, as this will maximise the websites ranking for a variety of keywords, this is particularly important to ensure that the keywords are related.

Ask for proof for the links which have been built. The more proof which the company is willing to provide, the more likely they are to have conducted the work. There are lots of businesses out there which will genuinely build links for you and also provide proof that the links have been built. Personally unless there is some kind of proof I would not be comfortable with repeatedly spending cash with an SEO business unless there was a significant increase in my search engine ranking for my keywords.

You do have to take the long term view with off site SEO. Sometimes the links can take a period of time to get indexed, which in turn means that they will not appear in the search engines for some time. You need to make sure that the company which is building the links is also pinging each of them, to alert the search engines to its existence.

Backlinks building services, can and do work very well for lots of online business and should definitely be considered as part of your businesses online presence to maximise the long term opportunity which you have. Just make sure you know exactly what each of these services is, and the potential effects which this can have on your website.

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