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Top SEO Keyword Marketing

Top SEO Keyword Marketing

Are you new to internet marketing...then you may not have heard about; Global Domains International...or where to start...what to do, or how to do it..?

Most entry level marketers make this simple, yet critical mistake when they first start, myself included :)

I'm sure you have heard about the benefits of search engine optimization [SEO] and how SEO keywords can really help you to dominate Google, Yahoo and all the other search engines for free. Anyhow, let me tell you a little known SEO secret, and, it involves "Global Domains International" and some "Top SEO Keyword Marketing" on.

Well, when we first launch ourselves into internet marketing, we all have a tendency to base the name of our website aka "domain name" or "URL" around a company name or even our own name, hardly ever, do we consider the actual nature of our business.

Example; if your company was called "Joe Bl**gs Enterprises" and if you created a brand new website with that specific name prominently within the domain name. You would most likely have very little, or no website visitors. Especially, if you were in fact; selling "swimming pools".

Well why not...simply because, not many people are searching for "Joe Bl**gs Enterprises". Search engine marketing, is all about choosing the right keywords, and the web content to suit.

Just imagine, if you were to call your own website after the nature of your business let say "above ground swimming pools" picture the free [organic] traffic that you could get to your new website, from all the major search engines, simply because you had the exact same search term in your own website, or domain SEO keyword marketing, try it and see, your websites will soon become virtual cash systems?

But what's SEO keywords and "Global Domains International" got in common. Allow me to elaborate further!

Did you know...that there are also 3 golden rules for top SEO keyword marketing, and your own internet marketing success?

1) Traffic: currently 90% of all keywords have no traffic - That means you really need to do your Niche keyword research, and find a SEO keyword that people are actually searching need to think like your customers, and imagine, or focus on what they are searching for. Then, use that SEO keyword within your website name.

2) Commercial viability: most keywords have little, or no commercial value - So even more research to help you find keywords, or search terms that "buyers" are actually searching for, not keywords/terms that website browsers are using. Its great to have heaps of visitors to your site...but better still, if they opt to buy something too.

3) Competition: and finally 90% of the top keywords are either too competitive, or that the best searched for SEO keywords are all gone...meaning, the website domains have already been registered.

Seems like a lot of hard work just to get visitors...I'm sure you've also visited a domain registration website too, and typed into any "Search For A Domain" box when looking to choose your new site name...and every time you input your favorite keyword choice it comes up "Taken" its so disappointing when that happens....I know the feeling.

So how to overcome all this? It seems as if all the best opportunities have all point...well fear not, there is a little known secret, a domain loophole, yet to be exploited by the masses...

It's called "Global Domains International" they are the exclusive distributors of .ws websites and .ws will soon become the NEW .com.

Global Domains International is a great, safe, and, low cost way to enter into the very lucrative world of internet marketing. And it will help entry level marketers get quickly and firmly established in their favorite Niche...

How...simple; by using Global Domains International and their .ws websites its top SEO keyword marketing...allow me to explain.

Look at some domain facts:

As of May 2009 the "Domain Count" for registered .com domains now stands at around 21,336,063 "wow that's a lot" I can hear you say..."no wonder I can't get the domain name I really want." Now here's the KICKER; Global Domains International .ws registered domains or websites now stands at approximately 253,029...I hear the penny drop, and the cogs are turning...

NOW just imagine the keyword possibilities available by joining Global Domains International [GDI] now you can get that website name that your always wanted, and, get access to all that free search engine traffic... mmm, top SEO keyword marketing, just like the professionals do, and for a fraction of the cost.

But wait Global Domains International...doesn't just provide website domain registrations. No it's a "TURNKEY" solution to all your marketing needs, ideal for entry level marketers, and here's another great bonus, you can even earn money from them too.

So just to recap; internet marketing is all about choosing the RIGHT KEYWORDS and .ws websites are probably one of the best entry level solutions...hey, even advance marketers use .ws websites as you can easily re-direct or forward your .ws website to your existing one too.

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