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Backlink Services

The dream of becoming self-employed and independent is the fuel that takes so many people from their office cubicles to the successful art of making a comfortable income online. Seriously, it's not a secret that making money online with a website is real and available for literally anyone! All you need to do is build a website and make it profitable by launching a successful seo campaign. Unfortunately, that easier said than done.

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All startups find themselves to be in the very midst of a competitive battleground, and well-planned seo campaign is the only thing that can help their websites out. Luckily, Active Backlinks Company is always here for you! It would be a seo tools list without backlinking, would it? Indeed, link building is an integral part of seo, and thats what we specialize in. Backlink Services is a backlinks selling service which offers high quality backlinks at honest prices. Our bag of tricks is big enough to make your website work for you on autopilot, and we are ready to assist you on your way towards success. 

As incredible as it may sound, a sufficient amount of backlinks can improve your business situation beyond expectation. The final results depend on your backlinks selling service. Beware of the companies that sell inefficient backlinks and charge too much for them they will suck your wallet dry without doing any good for your business. Unlike such fishy companies, Backlink Services guarantees the top notch quality of its backlinks. We deliver them within several days and they start working for you immediately. Besides, we never remove them. 

Thus, our backlinks will keep working for you for years to come! As you know, excellence is not an act, but a habit. Keeping this maxim in mind, we have turned high quality of service into our habit for good. We serve our clients according to the highest standards. Thus, we offer 24/7 support so that you can refer to us with your questions and ideas whenever you want and wherever you are located. Our support team consists of high skilled web masters only! 

Each and every member of our staff possesses extensive experience in seo development and knows how the things work. Another good news for you: we offer money back guarantee. You can trust us, because if we fail to deliver what we have promised, we would pay each penny back! Forget about shady suppliers and inefficient output! When you work with Backlink Services, all you can say is WOW! So, are you dreaming about good search engines rankings, wider audience, and better sales? 

1. Will my website be penalized for getting so many links?

No, your site will not be penalized. It takes us only several days to build backlinks, but the point is that profile backlinks are indexed for a long time (up to two months). Owing to this fact such slow increase in amount of backlinks looks natural for search engines and thus brings better results.

2. How long will it take before I can see the backlinks?

After we add your links you will start seeing new backlinks within a few days, and they will steadily increase for the next 1-2 months.

3. Can I split my links between multiple sites?

No, each package (6000 backlinks) is limited to one website.

4. Can the buyer use multiple keywords and anchor texts?

You can give up to 5 keywords, but keep in mind that if you are trying to rank for a competitive search term, we recommend that you focus on a single keyword.

5. What PR do the linking pages have?

From PR0 to PR6. We create profiles on thousands of different forums.

6. Will the number of the backlinks be guaranteed or even over delivered?

Yes, and we always create on 10-20% more.

7. How I will know where my link has been posted?

After completion of your work we will send you a complete report which will include all the URL and other details.

8. How long will these links stay on those .edu pages?

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