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Address Bar Search

About the Unofficial YouTube Toolbar Search from Anywhere on the Web We are pleased to offer you the Unofficial YouTube Toolbar. The Unofficial YouTube Toolbar is a web search toolbar that enables you to search from anywhere on the web, with search results powered by the leading search engines on the web. Search Directly from the Address Bar (Internet Explorer 6 only) If you enter a search term directly into your browser's address bar, the Unofficial YouTube Toolbar will automatically serve you search results for that term as if you had searched from the Toolbar. 

You can turn this feature on or off at any time by selecting 'Address Bar Search' from the Toolbar's 'Search' button's pull-down menu. Uninstall at Anytime Uninstalling the Unofficial YouTube Toolbar is quick and easy. The uninstallation of the Toolbar can be triggered at any time by going to the Toolbar's 'Search' button's pull-down menu (shown below) and selecting 'Uninstall'. Or, you can go to 'Add/Remove Programs' within your Windows Control Panel and choose to Uninstall the 'Unofficial YouTube Toolbar'. For more information on how to uninstall the Unofficial YouTube Toolbar in FireFox, go to our Toolbar Help page and see the FAQ "How to uninstall the Unofficial YouTube Toolbar in FireFox?". 

No Automatic Updates Without Your Permission We share your concern about maintaining control over what is installed on your computer. Unlike most other toolbars, if there is an update to our Toolbar, we will first ask you if you want to receive it. Only when you select yes, will we then update our Toolbar. After the first update of our Toolbar, if you tell us to automatically deliver updates to you in the future, we will do so. You can turn this Automatic Update feature on or off at any time as shown below. We Respect Your Privacy - No Spyware or Adware Your privacy is extremely important to us. The Unofficial YouTube Toolbar is not spyware or adware. It does not collect any personal information or serve you pop-up advertisements of any kind.

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