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How to Find a Good Web Host?

How to Find a Good Web Host? 

Looking for a place to put your web pages? Does your college-aged nephew with a Computer Science major have a web server set up in his dorm that he wants you to use? Let’s Talk. If so, then it is time for a frank discussion about web hosting and what it entails. There are a lot of options and reasons to consider an alternative to the above illustration. 

First, let’s analyze your business. If you are going to be dependent upon your website to make money for you, then you need to consider another alternative than the family member. If you need a site that provides valuable information to customers in order to maintain satisfaction of those clients, then think again. If you are at the point in your business where you depend upon your web pages, then you need to begin to accept the fact that you MUST pay for web hosting services. These are but a few of the reasons to consider a legitimate web hosting service. 

1. Avoid Inexpensive, There are lots of reasons to avoid going the cheap route. Among them are power outages, hardware failures, software or operating system crashes, hackers, etc. Not to mention the sheer cost of maintaining the server hardware and operating system changes. You do not want to be responsible for the obsolescent hardware and operating systems that will eventually fall by the wayside after their useful life. All of these are baseline considerations of a web hosting service. 

2. Guideposts, The best way to navigate this is to break it down into two areas. First is an entry level shared hosting service. This is the least expensive way to get a website up and running while taking all of the considerations above into account. You will need to address these concerns in your search for a provider: Size of Your Website. The larger the site, the more space on the web hosting computers. Plus, will you need to have access to documents from the site? Freedom to Add/delete Files. You might find that you need to be the ones who control the uploading of files that will be available to your site’s visitors. 

3. Dashboard Control, Does the hosting company provide a web-based ‘control panel’ from which you can make changes to your site without having to get them involved? This way you can make changes when you need to, not when someone is available. Database Management. Who will support your database of information or user registrations? Application Support. Do you have a specific application that needs to be available to site visitors? Do they have the ability to provide that access? 

4.Website Analytics, Most companies provide even rudimentary site statistics, but this one area that you do not want to miss, because it can help direct your web efforts towards greater profitability. Grow-ability. If you are like most small sites, you will find that eventually, you hit against the pre-set limitations that your account provides and will need to add more space or bandwidth. Does your hosting service allow you to grow your site along with your business? 

5. Email Accounts, Most hosting services provide for unlimited email accounts, but not all do. So it is best to check and see how many are provided for in your level of service. Support. How is the support aspect of the web host? Do they provide 24x7 techs to help you in the event of a disaster? Do they speak English well? These are the basic requirements, but if you require even greater flexibility and size, then you will generally pay more. But you will also get more in terms of scalability for your business. Specialized applications, security of personal information and throughput from processing power to bandwidth are all considerations. If you are in a business that requires this level of hosting service you will also need to ask about disaster recovery solutions in the event of a major catastrophe on their part. 

This is a topic that requires careful planning and consulting before making a decision. A good rule of thumb is to gather information and then choose a third party who is an expert, but does not have a financial stake in your decision to help you. You will find some guidance there that you might not have considered before. And that can help you avoid a wrong decision.

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